BigCommerce Vs. Shopify Plus: What Are the Similarities?

The hardest part of running a successful online business is usually finding the ideal e-commerce platform for the job. In Australia today, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce are the dominant e-commerce platforms in the market because of many reasons. From the research that was conducted, it was discovered that both platforms share certain features that are highly regarded as essential for the success of any online shop, and they include:

  • Both are scalable

Honestly, no one invests in a business expecting it to perform dismally. The problem with new e-commerce investors on the hand is that they are always afraid to make the most crucial step in their business, and that is identifying scalable software. Both Shopify and BigCommerce are famous for their scalability. That means both platforms are capable of adapting to your new online business management demands. For the standard platforms that are sold for cheap, you may not be able to enjoy full scalability because most of them can only serve you up to some extent after which they can no longer manage your complex inventory and high traffic.

  • Both have great SEO tools

Search engine optimization is a must when it comes to marketing your company online. That is because most of the people who are looking for items to buy begin their search from the search engines. You need to ensure that you rank well in your niche by providing that you regularly update your site with fresh, optimized content. When you pick the wrong platform, in the beginning, you risk losing all this, including your customers.

  • Both come with exceptional customization features

One if the best thing about getting the right e-commerce platform is the ability to design a unique management system, especially for your company. Imagine being in control of everything that goes on using a system that you fully understand.

  • Both offer excellent security

The fact that Shopify and Big commerce offer to host for their users makes it an added advantage to use any of these platforms. That is because these servers are fully modified to support e-commerce, meaning that hackers will have a hard time trying to rob from you and your customers. Also, it makes it efficient to run flash sales and discounted sales because they are fast.


It usually is not easy to choose between Shopify and BigCommerce because both platforms are great. However, it is good to know that Shopify is mostly preferred in Australia because it is easier to use.