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Possible of Choosing the Wrong E-Commerce Platform Shopify Vs. BigCommerce

It is today impossible to run a business in the United Kingdom without integration. That is because modern customers are online shoppers who are looking for both products and convenience. With more people taking their businesses online, not all usually have the same experience because of simple mistakes. According to statistics, however, BigCommerce and Shopify are some of the most used platforms in the UK thanks to their excellent features and ability to keep up with your current situations. However, the unlucky people always make these mistakes;

  • Attracted by cheap pricing

When you decide to get into e-commerce, it is crucial to invest appropriately. Remember that the kind of software you chose to work with will determine everything about your business. The problem with cheap platforms that have flooded the markets is that they have minimal features and are not designed to manage a complex inventory. As much as your business might start small, you can only expect more customers with time, and so, you need to be prepared.

  • Migrating to another platform

Usually, after realizing that you are limited in your operations, the next thing is to find a better platform that will fully support your activities. The only problem with this move is that you risk losing your customers. Also, you risk losing your ranking on search engines because you will be moving your site to a different server.  However, it is good to know that with sound research, you should be able to choose the right platform and avoid this risk.

  • Poor site management

Most people might not know it, but the reason they are not lucky running their online shops is that they are not taking good care of their sites. Remember that when customers land on your website, they need to find a good reason to come back. That means that you need to have a sound product management system that is easy to use. Without regularly updating your site with new products, you may end up losing customers even if you have the perfect platform. That is because customers are always looking for trending products in the market.


While online stores can earn you good profits, it is good to know that simple mistakes can make you miss a great opportunity. That is why even if you know that you can use BigCommerce or Shopify, you still need to determine which platform bests suit your e-commerce needs.